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summer lists

Summertime is when I only want to pick daisies and braid them into my hair, jump off the dock that's in the middle of the lake with my best friends, have majorly stereotypical sleepovers, go on rambling adventures, and stay up late to watch the stars. And not go on the computer.
So y'all may be hearing from me less often, because these next few months I just want to focus on living life and not being tied down to a pseudo-world floating behind fluorescent screens. Annddd...since I'm one of those obsessive compulsive list maker people, here's a little compilation I've made for this summer.
go to the beach
buy a sundress
try a chilled or iced soup
go thrifting
paint some watercolors for my walls
send handwritten letters
be vibrant
learn how to french braid my own hair
print some of my own pictures
sleep outside
make roasted tomatoes
buy a big floppy sun hat
unplug more
write poems
What are some things on your summer to-do list?