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these days

I realize I've been missing in action for the past week-- crazy busy-ness is arriving along with the warm weather. Just hang in there, y'all! Here's a little update from what's going on these days.

This past weekend I attended a conference for high school girls, and while I'm just about ready to crash from tiredness, I'm also feeling amazingly refreshed. My efforts have redoubled in determination that I will not be swayed from my stand in joy, purity, and being set apart by anything or anyone. The time with some of my favorite people on earth was such a blessing, and mostly, I'm just overwhelmed with God's goodness.

I know this is cliche, but warm summer weather tops my "loving list" at the moment. This afternoon I made a delicious salad and sat on the front lawn, just watching cars go by and enjoying the saturated colors and hot sun. Here's to getting started on that tan! (Freckles, actually :)

Lately I've been loving listening to french music, especially this song. The French language has always intrigued me, and since I began studying it three years ago, I've loved to try to read, listen, or watch things in that in French.

We all say we want to live the "simple life", but in reality that's just not how things works. Life is messy, it's gritty, it's complicated, and it's most definitely imperfect. I'm learning to relinquish control of my days to the only One who is capable of directing them.

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!