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i'm simi


I'm Simi. Simplicity Grace, actually, but no one calls me that except my mom when I'm in trouble. :)
I'm willing to do crazy things to get a good picture.
I look for beauty in every little thing, and it's become a fascinating treasure hunt. 
Sometimes I am discontent, and sometimes I don't trust Jesus with everything. My life is far from perfect, and I'm still learning. But even though I'm terribly flawed, I love Jesus more than anything and strive to live my life for His glory.
I'm an old soul with a young spirit.
I am an obsessive compulsive list maker. You have no idea.
I'm learning to live life like I mean it, fiercely and passionately, and I'm always game for an adventure. Especially if it involves taking pictures.
I like to eat delicious food outdoors, have spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, and laugh until my cheeks hurt.
Sunny days are my closest relative, but I'm always in for a good booming old fashioned thunder storm.
Procrastination is my forte, and sometimes I interject my sentences with French words and phrases.
Every color is my favorite.
Someday, I promise I will gallivant all over the face of this beautiful planet and see with my very own eyes the people and places I've only dreamed of but nonetheless miss.
Most of all, I'm terrified of the prospect of living a life that's normal.

note: the first picture was taken by my photog friend Alise, and the second by my sister Gloria.