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this is why I write

Thousands of thoughts float through my mind every day, mostly on random subjects that will have no bearing on by life in, oh, about an hour or so. But then there are the musings, ideas, and memories that I want to remember, whether for practical purposes or simply for future enjoyment. It's the little things I say I want to remember, but usually forget because they're seemingly insignificant. When I thought about why it is that I write, I was originally planning on saying something about “because I’m an artist, blahblahblah”, but in reality it's much more simple than that. The reason I scrawl words on paper every day is because...
I want to crystallize my thoughts.
This is why I write. It's to organize my thinking and planning. The simple act of putting my thoughts down on paper helps me remember the ones I don't want to forget. Whether I’m journaling, composing poetry, or scrawling a to do list, my point is to visualize my mind so that I don't forget.
It's no secret that I love notebooks. I've filled dozens of them with words, and it thrills me to begin a new one. To me, the first page is a gateway to infinite possibilities in the realms of dreams and ideas. Currently, I have several scattered throughout the house for accessibility, and even a piece of paper taped to the wall by by bed, should midnight inspiration descend suddenly. (It has!)
On a side note, there's just something I love about the actual act of writing with a pen and paper. While typing can be useful for writing essays or a long novel, I much prefer to use ink and a notebook whenever possible. In fact, since I’m always losing my pens, I snatch them up wherever I find them and keep them in a jar beside by bed. But I’m just rambling now :)
These are the musings of a lazy Sunday afternoon, my deep philosophical thoughts of the day, crystallized first on paper and now on this web page. Have a beautiful evening, lovelies! I’m off to go snuggle up on the couch with my family and a movie. (Secretariat, I think. I know, I know, we're so behind the times! I haven't even seen The Help yet *gasps*.)