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in quietness

      Life has settled into a comfortable routine. Slipping by all too quickly, the raw February days fall one after the other bringing the world ever closer to spring, and occasionally giving surprises like today's leap year snowfall. Small things happen here and there—little shimmers of happiness to keep life interesting. For the most part, school is easily finished because my mind has adjusted to the methodical days. The library keeps me well stocked up with books to read in the afternoons, curled up in the cozy chair with a cup of tea and a blanket.
      And honestly? Right now I like it. In this quiet place, I can focus. I can enjoy the little things, like extra time to work on writing and photography. While I do admit that sometimes I wish my life were filled with more adventure and surprises, I also know that the calm always comes before the storm. It's almost as if this time is specifically set apart for rest before what God calls me to next.
 p.s. I'm guest posting over here today!
p.s. ii Yes. I totally just posted on leap year :)