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Inspired by this post and this post.
People, this is officially awesome. Admittedly, I was definitely skeptical when I first heard of this. What? Expose my sensor to dust, drop my lens in a puddle, wreck my camera? No thanks...but my curiosity was piqued and so this afternoon I took a risk and tried freelensing for the first time. (By the way, isn't that a great word? I love the way it sounds.)
It felt like I was violating some law as I tentatively twisted my 50mm off the camera body--I didn't even know it was possible to snap pictures without the glass attached! Experimenting with tilt and focus, I quickly became hooked and ran outdoors like a crazy person taking pictures of literally everything. It was hard to believe how detaching the lens and holding it slightly in front of the camera can transform it into a completely new one. I was able to do a little bit of macro, as well as get that special motion blur just around the edges. My lens also picked up some pretttty sweet rainbows and flare.
Have you ever tried free lensing? (If not, do it. Right now.)