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six little things

I firmly believe that the little things make the most difference. Whether it's the way a young one's face lights up with a beaming smile or the delicious feeling of going barefoot in spring, life is made just that much better every day by recognizing and reveling in the simple things. As of late, I've been making a conscious effort to notice the beauty in the small aspects of living I might normally overlook. Today I've compiled a list of six beautifully simple things that I took time to savor over the last few days.
my sunday outfit. Skirt//Forever 21. Leggings//Kohls. Pumps//Target

//magical books//
Losing myself in a book for hours on a quiet afternoon is one of my favorite pastimes. Kindles just don't have the same magic as a heavy, hard-bound classic book, in my opinion.
//freshwater pearls//
I never tire of wearing them, that's all I can say. I made this necklace a year or so ago, and they've become my "signature" piece.
//yellow flowers in the kitchen//
Even though there's a noticeable lack of green things and bright colors outside, I'm so thankful that we can enjoy flowers inside! Especially bright yellow ones :)
  //turquoise nails//
I may or may not be addicted to bright colors, especially on my nails. Turquoise is my latest favorite, because it makes me reallyreally excited for the coming summer.
//homemade pizza//
Last night, we layered simmering tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ground beef, and peppers on several delicious crusts and baked them until they were bubbling and crispy. Quite possibly the best dinner to enjoy on a Saturday night with my family.
What are some little things you've been enjoying lately?