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green things growing + sun shining

I'm blissfully in love with springtime, y'all. Whenever a new season approaches, I tend to embrace the new loveliness and announce it my favorite time of year, but if I had to pick one season to live in for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be spring. Spring is the sigh of relief after winter (although we didn't get much of a winter here anyways!), the time when little green things start poking out of the ground, and the sun shines warmly. Not the scorching glare of summer or the cold, tinted light of winter, but the gentle, smiling beaming of early spring.

It won't be spring in the technical sense for a week yet, but once the snow melts and little seedlings begin sprouting, it's spring to me :)
yes, I know this is blown out and "photographically incorrect",
but it perfectly illustrates the gorgeous sunlight we've been having.

perfect weather for bare feet and exploring with my sisters.

I took this picture the day spring arrived (in my mind, anyways!). There's still
some snow on the ground, but it was melting fast. Oh, and please appreciate
all the effort it took to snap a self portrait. Without a tripod. Yes.

The green things are growing, I'm on a sunshine high, and I rather like it.
What's your favorite season?