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things to be thankful for

Hey, y'all! Who loves travelling? *waves hand wildly in the air* I certainly do, but one of the little downsides is that, without a laptop, it's a bit hard to keep my followers updated when I'm gallivanting all over the country. Or just down to South Carolina. (Yessss....sweet tea, early spring, and that deliciously drawling accent? I'm in.)
top//TJ Maxx--belt//thrifted--nail polish//essie
So, today I've compiled a little list of some things I've been thankful for lately.
-that feeling of watching the landscape flash by in a blur when you're travelling by car

-the fact that everything here is so green it almost hurts my eyes

-wet doggy kisses and wagging tails

-galloping on horseback up a hill, my hair streaming behind me

-sunny skies and star-speckled nights

-the little mexican places where they're always filling up the salsa bowls and giving you more chips

-shopping in Charlotte, NC at an outdoor mall that's built around a lake (with a fountain in the middle!). I definitely thought of Venice.

-bright yellow belts (thrift store score!!), turquoise nails, coral toes. (Falling for spring colors with all my heart.)

What are some things you're thankful for today?