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it snowed.

“Simi, wake up! It snowed”
probably my favorite words to hear on a winter morning.

Falling gently to the white ground, big, plump snowflakes lazily succumb to gravity, transforming the world into a sparkling heaven. I watch, mesmerized as the icy crystals blanket the bare tree limbs. Soon, the thin branches begin to look like pure white coral as they droop under the weight of the snow. Somehow, life seems more livable when it snows.

I can just imagine this conversation:
Mom: What would you like to eat, honey?
Me: Oh, I'll just have a cup of snow.
I have no idea why, but there's just something so satisfying about bringing in a cup of completely un-man made, frozen white goodness from outdoors, and eating it with a spoon. I revel in the in the icy tingle that surges through my mouth. Oh, and licking icicles too, but that's another story.

Snow is powerful stuff. It possesses the ability to transform a dreary, grey city into a photographer's dream (wink wink). It bends tree branches and sometimes downs power lines, leaving people in darkness. I find it hard to believe that those tiny, almost microscopic individual crystals can bring about so much beauty and exercise so much forcce. Theres 'some serious teamwork going on here, folks! Imagine how much we could accomplish as the body of Christ, in our families, or in any group if we just took a moment to think about a simple snowflake.

I guess this post was really just a collection of snow-related rambles. But what's a girl to do on the first day it's really, truly snowed? Why, take pictures and write about it, of course.
What's your favorite thing about the snow?