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To most people, the abbreviation AK stands for Alaska...but when I see those letters together, I always think of the amazing photographer, writer, and artist Abigail Kraft (She blogs over at Rear Window) . Recently I had the opportunity to interview her, and I'm blown away once again with the beauty of her photography and writing. Enjoy!
>>Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Abigail Kraft. I believe every soul is a creative one, and I love to explore different methods of artistic expression. When I was 14, I began to draw. It quickly became a passion of mine, consuming much of my free time. In recent years, I haven't spent as much time drawing as I would like to, but have continued to express myself through other means. I have lived in Kansas my entire life, but I relish the excitement of the city. More passions of mine include coffee (the local Starbucks baristas know me by name), good food, music, playing the violin, health and nutrition, photography, people, and my Saviour, Jesus Christ!

>>How did you become interested blogging, and why do you blog now?

Growing up, I remember declaring multiple times that I despised writing. I never did it for pleasure, and complained my way through every writing assignment my momma gave me. After I took up drawing, I started gaining more awareness of and confidence in my imagination. So, I thought I'd give writing a fresh try. I wrote a paper called "Masquerade", describing my thoughts on conforming and society's sad view of trends trumping original thought. From then on, I couldn't get enough of writing! So, I started my blog simply to have a place to put my words down.

These days, I blog to document the inspirations all around me. Often, I sit down with no idea what I'm going to write, but after I finish a post (leastwise, one I feel good about), I feel like I've made sense out of one, microscopic, chaotic corner of my constantly thirsting artist's mind.

>>When did you begin photography?

I suppose photography never had a sure "beginning" for me. Blogging was definitely an inspiration in picking up the hobby, and helped me to look at everything as an opportunity for a visual still - something that I could remember forever. Small things … my little brothers' dirty faces, shoes on the wrong feet, naked tree limbs against a slate grey sky, strands of tangled hair skewing in all directions … inspired brand new thoughts and emotions, and seeing them through a lens brought a new kind of interpretation.

>>What's your favorite subject to photograph? Will you share with us your favorite picture-taking tip?

Children - specifically my little brothers. Something in their wide, fresh eyes invites the viewer into a new dimension. This goes along with my favorite tip/technique, which is to bring life into your photographs. Whether I'm using the wind, the light, or a combination of indescribable elements, I try to make my photos believable and momentous.

>>What do you plan to do with your life after highschool?

I actually graduated from high school in April of last year, and my plans are to continue learning, creating, and growing in the spirit that Christ gave me. There's such potential in the world of creativity, and I don't think it's in me to pursue just one sect of it. So, I aspire to follow God's leading, and polish my creative voice, independent of a formal education. In addition (and this has been my life-long goal) I desire with my whole heart to have a husband, and a family, and to pass on the passion for the unique visions of individuals to my future children.

>>One thing you could not do without in your life is :

Coffee. Is that shameful? Probably. But yes … coffee.

>>Where do you find inspiration?

Jesus Christ, first and foremost! I am of the belief that every good thing comes from Him, and thusly, He inspires me most of all. Additionally, my family … I find myself constantly grateful that God placed me in the family I'm in. They are, in so many ways, more than I could ever hope for. Other inspirations include Love, sacrifice, tragedy, hope, long conversations with my momma or my oldest brother, afternoon naps, animated movies, all sorts of music, warmth … Doctor Who … I'm inspired by everything! Ha!