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home again {part one}

Yup, I have to do this in parts...after all, I do have about 600 photos on my camera. (I am that glad to be back!) I won't bore you with them all in one post, so now I present to you just the beginning.
      I didn't realize how drastically I loved this place until I came back after being gone for a year. Everything is so different than down south! And since I've lived here my entire life, I've taken a lot of things for granted. The top "taken for granted" aspect would probably be saltwater. We lived only a mile from the bay (which isn't technically the ocean, but empties into the Atlantic, so it counts :) I've really missed watching glorious sunrises over the water, each one still breathtaking even after seeing them over and over.

I can't decide which, please? 
He's not mine, but who cares? He was too cute to resist :)
yes indeed.