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interview with Madison {dis fromage}

It's December. And for the first post of the month, I am super happy to feature an interview with the wonderful writer/photographer over at dis fromage, Madison. She always seems to be able to find the perfect words to describe what she's writing about, so I can picture exactly what she means in my mind's eye, and her photographs are gorgeous! I hope y'all will be inspired by her as much as I am :)

>> Introduce yourself

hello there. i’m madison kate. just a girl with emerald eyes and unruly brown hair. i definitely would be lost without Jesus. photography is my passion. drawing is another love of mine. vintage things usually catch my eye. i would choose a handful of wildflowers over a dozen roses any day. i’m happy in the small country town that i call my home. the little things make my life wonderful. and i would rather say less and mean more.

>> Why do you blog, and how did you start?
i blog simply because its an easy way to share my photos. i take close to four hundred pictures every week, so the need to show them to others is constantly pressing. and i'm pretty sure that the world would run out of print supplies if i were to have them all transferred to hard copies. thank heavens for digital technology. i also have a thing for words. the way they fit together like pieces of a puzzle, beads being strung in a pattern. always searching for fresh terms and phrases, i hope to progress my language and style of writing through blogging. finally, i blog because there are so many incredible people doing the same! connecting with people who i have and have not met in person is a very neat experience. i'm even blessed to call a few of them my closest friends.
the name dis fromage was inspired from a shirt i once saw in a catalog two years ago. not knowing a lick of french, i looked it up and felt it would be the perfect title for my blog. it was in december of '09 that my blog came to life. i had always had the desire to start one, so finally with the persistence and encouragement of family, i stumbled into the blog world. i like to think of dis fromage as my own little corner, my place to create and to be inspired.

>> You often write about the antics of your adopted siblings. Can you tell us the story of their adoption?

all three of my siblings were born in ethiopia, africa. esther joined our family in '06, solomon in '08, and samson just this year. each journey to bring them home was unique in so many ways. the process of adoption is full of expectancy and unknown waiting. it is full of obstacles, tears, and fear. but always worth the wait. i was privileged to travel to africa for solomon's bringing home. i will never forget walking into the orphanage, seeing dozens of dark faces smiling back at me. watching my baby brother grin from ear to ear at me as he was lifted from his crib. there really are no words to describe the beauty of adoption. ultimately, it is the picture of Christ who adopts us as His own. and i plan to adopt one day when i have my own family. looking back on the hardships of adopting these three, i wouldn't change a single thing. every moment i've spent with my little sister and brothers is precious. i can't imagine life without them.

>> When did you start photography?

it all began christmas morning at my grandparent's house when i was nine years old. in the rush of unwrapping gifts, i tore the paper off a small box to find a disposable camera inside. the idea that i could freeze time in a picture fascinated me. slowly but surely, photography became a loved hobby of mine throughout the next several years. i upgraded from disposables to my mom's little p&s. honestly, the memory cards were filling up so quickly that i almost crashed the computer trying to load them all. after an enormous amount of time of saving, i made the leap and purchased my canon rebel. i still have little knowledge of photography terms and such, but capturing moments is more of a passion than a hobby to me now.


November 201111
November 20118

 >> What’s your favorite subject to photograph, and also would you share with us your favorite picture-taking tip?

people. hands down, people. i think faces are just about the best thing i can capture through the lens. there are millions of emotions and expressions out there, i could never grow tired of photographing them. when looking at a face in a picture, memories are triggered, causing me to remember that moment when the photograph was alive. there's nothing better than taking someones picture, knowing that no matter how far away they go, i'll always have the photograph. although they're not gone forever, i can look at faces that i miss and love. because sometimes our minds lose images and forget those important days. pictures bring these back to us, letting us remember the past. people who's faces are fading because of time will remain bold on the photo. that's something worth capturing.
my favorite picture taking tip? i repeatedly tell myself this one. save the picture. my foremost reaction when i view a blurry picture i've taken is to delete it. i guess its because i want every photo i capture to be perfection. but i'm learning that by seeing my mistakes i can better my style. and every photo holds meaning, even if its taken at the wrong angle or point of view. so save the picture, save the picture.

extra folder 50th

>> One of your favorite photographs from the past year…

this summer i went on a week retreat to florida with my amazing friends. a few of us got tattoos while we were there. i was fortunate enough to bring my camera along and snap shots as it all happened. this picture says so much to me, it shouts friendship, and everything that it should be.

>> A few of your favorite things are…

oh my, where do i start? obviously there is no way to cover them all, so here are just a few: photography (obviously). peppermint tea. sun flare. novels. guitar solos. piano solos. road trips. art. chilly winter days. dogs. letters. laughter. tapioca pudding. shooting stars. ballet. song lyrics. colored pencils. vintage cameras. raspberries. polaroid pictures. quotes. wildflowers. songbirds. pillows. sunsets. iceskating. trees. typewriters. shades of green. christmas lights. being on time. yard sales. bokeh. conversation. sunday afternoons.





>> Who inspires you in your everyday life?

my initial response would be the people around me, family and friends. the ones who are far away somehow send inspiration too, despite the miles between us. singers and writers who speak through music and words influence my everyday. above all though, Jesus gives me strength to make it through each day, and puts inspirational people in my life.

>> What is your favorite place in the entire world?

i've thought a lot about answering this one. and i finally realized that its not where i am, its who i'm with. i could be standing in the place i enjoy most, and yet feel so alone. being around the ones i love and care for is what really matters. "home could be anywhere when i'm with you."

>> Leave us with your favorite quote
if you know me, then you know that its next to impossible for me to pick a favorite quote. so i will leave you with this one.
“maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting” -john green