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thankful for


>> persistent autumn colors, and the last leaves clinging desperately to a slim branch
>> this post. evokes frightening heart flutters.
>> this person and this person
>> going home.
>> being able to hold conversations with God at anytime, anywhere, and knowing that He always hears me
>> finding beauty everywhere, and especially in the little things
>> a hot cup of tea on a frigid morning
>> reflections of trees in lakes
>> the quiet comfort of blogging
>> wearing heels for no reason whatsoever, just because I can :)
>> indulging in a session of wanderlust
>> reading Kinfolk magazine
>> thanksgiving break
>> forever taking photographs, hearing the satisfying click of the shutter
>> watching Mission: Impossible with my sisters on a Saturday morning
>> eagerly anticipating the future and what it holds
>> love.

What are you thankful for today?