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this is september.

             Although in modern times scarlet trees, blazing fires, boots, and hot cocoa identified Fall, she would always remember Autumn as the season of freedom. It had been September when Grandmother escaped slavery to follow the North star and her dreams. For her it spoke of the freedom of new beginnings, even as she glanced down at her slightly rounded stomach and was reminded of the tiny being inside of her. Although a blanket of cold whiteness soon would cover all visible vitality in not too long, she knew the seeds underground were slowly taking root.
from "Copper and Turquoise"
The trees outside still proudly display their leafy green branches. But its only 78 degrees out, life is officially over (in the form of school!), and a crisp wind is blowing. September has begun.

   A bittersweet season, yes, because I'm not quite ready to leave summer. But in autumn the next year is conceived. Winter is the pregnancy, while the underground life is covered in a womb of snow, and the birth comes in spring. For me, spring is when the new year truly begins. Other people make New Year's resolutions in January--I set goals in spring. It seems to be so much more conducive to making new plans :)
   But I'm getting ahead of myself--it's not even technically Fall yet!

    Summer seems reluctant to leave, and still shows off bright bursts of color. (and some pretty bokeh!) The zinnias are still going strong, and the bees certainly appreciate that!

     On a more fashion-oriented note, I got some new bangles! so far I've found them to be a great complement to almost all outfits. Their metallic hues go well with the muted tones of autumn.
happy 23 more days of September!