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start small, dream big

a.k.a my first "sort-of" shoot
Photography makes me happy, and I am quite happy right now. Today I was asked to help some friends of mine with family pictures, and when they say family, they mean it! Six kids, three of whom are married or engaged, the parents, and three adorable grand-babies. It was by no means anything professional, but as the title says, everything starts small!
The all-together-family-pictures were taken on an slr that is (sadly) not mine, so I don't have those pictures. But you can enjoy the pictures I took on my camera :)
   Also, I was just one of many with cameras, so in a lot of these pictures, the subjects were looking at a different camera. I know, sad. But its one of those things photographers have to learn to work around!
 So sweet! Grandpa and grandaughter Sonora (beautiful name, no?). I like the lovely smiles on each of their faces. Oh, and can you believe her mom made that adorable dress? (And both her sisters', too!)
 Aunt Natalie and Honna.
My beautiful friend Juliana and her soon-to-be sister-in-law Abby :)
The mom, son, daughters, and granddaughters. Love the matching bubble shirts! p.s. What do you think of this edit?
On the car ride, heading to the lake. I couldn't resist just one snap of Sonora! 

Clint and Abby are about to be married in Jamaica later this year! But not all of the family will be there, so that's why they wanted family shots now. (Abby wore a long white dress to look a little bit like a bride!)

Jon, the twins Honna and Mia's dad. Aren't they cute? But they pretty much refused to smile during the entire photoshoot :( oh well.
The guys and the bride-to-be.

The dad, mom, son, and daughter-in-law-to-be.
Mitch being Mitch, which means generally hamming it up. :))
Juliana, when you see this, know that you are very beautiful.
        Natalie and her husband Will.

 Dad and his lovely girls. Awww...
Mom and her guys! last one of Mia, actually happy!! :))
Hope y'all are having a lovely weekend!