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Bobby Pins are a Girl's Best Friend

alternate title : Perfecting the Messy Bun
I really wonder what the royal ladies of Victorian England would have thought of our modern, American hair styles. Two likely responses:
          1. *proud sniff* I, for one, spend precisely 6 hours on my coiffure every day. After all, women must have some semblance of presentability!
          2. Can I please fast forward a century or two and not devote ridiculous portions of my life to having perfect hair?

So, here we are in the 2011, with the popular style of perfectly imperfect messy buns--strangely pretty despite the few seconds it takes to do. Which, incidentally, is why it's such a widely used style! Lazy, rainy days when you feel like snuggling under the covers all day? check. This style works. For the office/school where you must look respectable? check. (with hairspray.) What about a more formal situation? Just add a little more effort and...check.
As you might be able to tell, I sorta kinda really love this style. But every time I attempt it, my hair seems to hate me. This is supposed to be easy! However, I think I've mastered it. One word: bobby pins. Actually I think that's two words....Anyways, recently I discovered that bobby pins can be used for so much more than just the tight, ballerina bun I always did when I was younger. I've used them to pin up all the little, annoyingly wispy strands at the base of my neck, keep my bangs out of my eyes, and yes, make a messy bun look amazing. (Oh, and blinged out bobby pins? Yes, and yes.)
                This is how I do it--there are other ways, but for my hair, this worked best.
       1. Gather all your hair into a tight elastic positioned at the mid/top of your head. (Depending on where you want it.)
       2. Take another elastic and wind it around only once. Using your other hand, wind your pony tail around the top of the elastic so that no elastic shows through. (Sort of like a regular bun, but not twisted, and not as tight.)
       3. Then, using the second elastic, pull half of the hair through. Pull out little strands for a more casual look, and then pin everything up.
    This was a bit hard to explain! If I made no sense whatsoever, check out these alternate tutorials here, here, and here.
love Vanessa Hudgen's take on this style. But that most certainly took wayyyy more than

a few seconds!
double headband. yes.
pretty much the best messy-messy bun. EVER.
I do apologize. My camera cord/uploader thingy has recently decided to hide. I did take pictures of my messy bun, but for now y'all will have to be content with the above loveliness.