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hopefully, someday I will look back and smile

Every day, fragments of incomplete blog posts-in-the-making swirl through my mind, but I continually find myself repeating the phrase "I want to save that until I have more followers."
...........I admit, it is hard sometimes to spend part of my life formulating a well-written post, publish it to just 21 followers and recieve little to no response for my efforts. I feel as though I'm wasting time and creativity, especially when I look at blogs with upward of 1,000 followers, whose posts are read far and wide, with dozens of comments.

     How did they get to the place they are? I think about it and answer; hardwork, perseverance, and most likely spending time writing to just a few followers. In other words, exactly what I'm doing.
At the moment, my mantra is "It's not going to waste." Because if I don't put creativity and good ideas into my writing and photography, albeit only to 21 22 followers, then I never will gain any more! (oh, and a better camera would also help. *wink wink*)

In the meantime, I'm inspired by...variants of the British war poster "keep calm and carry on".

And my favorite, because it makes me smile...
Happy Monday everyone!