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Long and Winding Road {ramblings}

Hello my lovelies! My Blogger difficulties seem to be mostly resolved. It seems that a lot of other fellow bloggers are also experiencing problems, and some are talking of switching to Wordpress. But somehow, I have a special place in my heart for the url, and all that comes with it, disregarding the problems, so unless Blogger does something like closing down my blog, I won't be joining the wave of Blogger betrayers.

Very, Very important news: The key that makes smiley face's mouths happy, (the zero, and the one that didn't let me finish that parentheses phrase is broken. Jammed. Doesn't work. I despair.
 However, I have discovered the most adorable Etsy shop. Ever. 
dance necklace - all sterling silver

Love Necklace - etsyprojectembrace

Bonjour Necklace

interwoven ring - (U.S. size 9.25) - sterling silver and 12K gold fill
Piano Bench Designs is the shop of a (self-taught) wire-jewelry designer from Albuquerque. I’m amazed at the creativity of her inspirational and fun wire creations in the form of necklaces and rings. Hop on over there to see more amazing designs!

I’m loving:
 This wedding. Wow. Just wow. This is gorgeous! I love unique wedding shoots.

Witty and true writings, such as these.

Quite true.
This book. Filled with wonderful ideas on how to live more sustainably, simply, and naturally. (Oh, also wonderful photography. * cough cough*

New things:

New way to do my toes! I just got a nail pen, intended for French tips, but it also works amazingly for stripes, polka dots, hearts, and other designs. (sorry these aren't the best stripes, but you can't really tell from far away. And I was in a hurry.(

Signature.. You like? I was thinking that the owl was uber-cute, but maybe the moon made it a little too night-ish???? Do tell your opinion!