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The Sights of Summer

What has summer brought you this year?

In June, I went to a camp/youth conference that was...amazing. It brought me closer to the Lord and showed me how Christ needs to be my entire life, rather than just an important part, or even the most important part. Philippians says, "For me, to live is Christ." (Phil. 1:21). If you honestly asked yourself that question, what would living be to you? Would you have to say, "for me, to live is friends", or "to live is blogging", or photography, fashion, and anything else that holds are attentions. Christ needs to be everything, not just number one. Everything.
Oh, and we had a lot. of. fun. (Most pictures not taken by me.)

Aww...Jess and me.

We had some great team spirit goin'.
And a lot of action.

I think that's me in the background sitting on the hill. :)
I'm still not sure exactly what he was doing. But it was cool.
Volleyball, the day we went to the lake.

The Lake! and the boat, in which everyone who wanted to got a turn to ride in and/or ride behind in a tube, while the driver did his best to flip them off. I went on the boat  but not on the tube (even though I wanted to ) because of...
this. I broke my finger playing capture the flag. I know.
The's a leeeetle bit hard to explain this, but, every team (there were 8, the Levites, Benjamites, Simeonites, etc.) all had to perform a skit on the last day. This is my team's (the Benjamites) skit, about someone who puts on a Christian facade on Sunday, and then forgets about it the rest of the week. This sequence is the part where the "christian" is acting all fired up in church. While the rest of us are the "frozen chosen."

Around the time that I was re-modeling my blog, we went on a wonderful trip to the Lone Star state. Texas!! We stayed with some friends on their ranch, where they keep cows, chickens, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, and kids! Good times. :)
My sister, Lia at the Mississippi welcome center! Three new states on this trip--Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas.

Me in Louisiana for the first time! (taken by my Mom.)

Two pretty houses in New Orleans.
Ha! I barely fit inside Texas!!! :))

They were right--everything IS bigger in Texas. But please excuse the odd look on my face. (This and previous photo taken by my mom.)
My wonderful parents. Love ya!
Driving into Houston.
Now I know what it's like to live in my own house. Really. Ok, so I was given a choice to stay in the "barn" (that's just what they call it, its not really a barn, though it looks like it from the outside) or in this tiny cottage. Guess which one I chose.

The dogs playing (at approximately 6:30 in the morning.) Yes, I was up at 5:00. Cuz i needed to take some pictures. And watch the sunrise. And explore. I own the morning.
Oh, hello...

Feeding time!
she is the cutest little thing ever ;)

Jadon having fun with his dad!
One of the two baby calves. adorable.


Not sure who the photocredit goes to for this picture.

Yes, all good things including Texas must come to an end. But I can still find joy in the other aspects of summer.

The view from the top of the tree. Yup, I can climb trees with the best of 'em!

Love, love, love the feeling of being on top of the world.

There's always reading, when you're bored!
Got some new shoes! Like?
Lia doin' her stuff on the trampoline.
And lastly, a beautiful picture taken of me by my good friend Atsen. (I think he has a Canon rebel T2i. I'm insanely jealous.)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.