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The Fairytale

How's life going out there? Difficult, yes, always, but the future will never lose it's tantalizing, enticing beckon, infusing my daily duties and routines with passion and fullness. But sometimes, in the monotony of the everyday, it's hard to see life as an adventure. It's hard to keep the perspective. My escape is the for when life get's tough is the woods. How can anyone not believe that the world is an adventure when in the woodlands? And how can one not believe in fairytales?
        I've rarely seen such beauty and felt such awe as when I dance through the forest fairy haunts. (If you don't share my perspective, read any L.M Montgomery book, and you will.) The woods behind the house are full of beech trees; last year's papery white leaves crunch under my feet, and the new spring green leaves create a soft contrast of pastels. Grey bark of tall, sweeping oaks and maples tower under a verdant canopy through which sunlight filters through. The song of the brook bubbles by, splashing and rolling over stones and pebbles that glint in the sunlight. Yes, I am waxing poetic, but that's just what the woods do to me.

Tiny froggies abound...