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100 happinesses {2/100} New Bags

Some people have as many bags as they could possibly want, and splurge by buying (another) buttery leather, $3000 Prada purse; while I can't actually do that :(, I can participate in a toned-down version of handbag happiness. And I did, with this new bag from Sparrow True. (Sorry I can't give ya'll a link--it doesn't seem that they have a website.)
*contented sighs* ahh....the feeling of a soft, new, un-marred bag to strut around in--well, not exactly strut, but you should know what I mean. But, I did need it--all I had by way of purses was a leeetle and rather out of style thingamajig. (From when teeny bags were in.)
As you can most likely see, I glory in the details.

Photo credit for this picture and the next two go to Lia!
You like? Yes?

It's not that great of a picture, but
                                                                 I though it would be cool to post
                                                                              this--the doggy-bone key chain on my bag makes
                                          my lens look like a heart!