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revelling in all my cross-process glory

Cross. process. is. amazing.
Cross-processing refers to the intentional use of wrong chemicals to process film photos, and on my photo editor (picnik), I seem to try that effect on every photo. I don't know why, but it just enthralls and entices me to "just try it." And that would be the culprit of all the cross-processed photos you see on my Flickr and blog.
This mail truck came up to me and asked to have its picture taken.

sigh...when I see this I think of Victorian-era tea time with English scones and clotted cream, Earl Grey, and almond macaroons.
I didn't intend to cross-process this, but when i tried it, i had to keep it. The blue accents at the top are my favorite parts.

New header coming soon that uses this picture!

This is the design on my handbag. (*sobs* It's from...wal-mart. :(((((( )

One day, I looked down, saw the baby-blue cami I had on, and was randomly inspired to take this picture.
(p.s. Do you like the font of my watermark on this photo? It's almost like arial, but a little more sophisticated with a tinge of sharpness. It's called Geosanslight, from Picnik.)

I. love. this. picture. I know, I'm not supposed to one. post. but I did anyways. It was called for, you see.
I didn't do a thing to this other than apply cross-process.

And finally, me. (Photo credit to my talented sister, Lia.) Taken by her, but edited by me. You like?

Hope you all have a good weekend!