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Strawberry Day

What do you do when you have 70 pints of strawberries on your hands??? You freeze them, of course! But first, you have to rinse, hull, slice, sugar, stir, and bag 'em. We had this same dilemma yesterday, and I can tell you, we have enough berries to last us a good, long while.

Beautiful, big, red berries. SWEET!

Really, there were 4 more 12-pint flats!

What can I say? The photo oppurtunities were bounteous and delicious.

We filled this several times. Wow. I'm not exactly strawberried out yet, but if i did this for another day, I think I would be in danger of it.

I didn't edit this at all-- the reds were absolutely vibrant!
We used one-and-a-part-of-another packages of white sugar. yup.

We worked this fast, but it still took us a number of hours to complete the task.


Mmmm....berries in what is essentially a sugar syrup.

The Vintage Shot.

Final collage. (Any picture with me in it was taken by someone else.)

I guess I can tell that we're having strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight! mmmhmmm. In case you're wondering just where we got all these berries, here's the story:
Our friend has a friend who has a cousin (yes, not confusing at all.) who owns a strawberry farm in Florida, and every year a shipment of berries is sent up the coast. Liz gets to buy the berries wholesale, and so that's where we got all these rubies from!
Hope you have a good Thursday and Friday everyone!