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i'm very fickle

Very, very fickle. I absolutely cannot decide on a watermark for my pictures. I've been doing "deceptive cadence photography", but I'm not sure what consistent font to use. Or should I just keep on changing it based on the ambience of the picture? Or should I change my watermark to "simplicity grace." But wait--I don't want to have people come and stab me in the night. (mwa-ha-ha....they don't know my last name...) I also don't want to confuse people, since my blog is called "Deceptive Cadence Photography." Or should I change the name of my blog to something else without the word "photography" in it, and then have my watermark be "simplicity grace." Pleasepleaseplease help me guys!! Just comment and tell me what you think my fickle self should do.

this ah-mazing picture by rebecca lily is an example of what i would do for the "simplicity grace" watermark.

or should I keep a tiny watermark in font "green pillow"?

A cursive font?
Or should I use this geosanslight font?

How about the Courier New font in the lower right hand corner? (Not the quote.)

Or a cursive font?

Thank you for (hopefully!) commenting to help me out a little.
~Simi, er, that is, simplicity grace.