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ahh....happiness makes me so...umm, happy! (I know, that's a self-defeating/circular reasoning statement, but who cares? Spring is in my bones, and I don't.) In hopes that happiness is contagious, I'm going to be starting a weekly (maybe more!) blog post about one thing that makes me happy, until I make 100 posts. The first one will be Tuesday, but I'll share some of my happiness-es now :)
polka-dots are enough to add joy to anything!! But on these ballet flats, it makes me want to dance, twirl, and whirl. Polka-dots + flats = pure joy.

Morning in the city is a positively delightful experience. It's definitely not pure nature, but it always amazes me how the sun rises in the bustling, busy city laced with power lines and dotted with bright lights, just as it does in the unemcumbered country. I don't know why this is such a hauntingly happy picture, but it is, and that's reason enough pour moi!
Eric Liddel said, "When I run, I feel His pleasure." When I ride, I feel His pleasure. It's not so much my happiness that is my point here, it's God's. (Even though riding makes me unbelievably happy as well. :) (photocredit to Lia!)

Curled flowers and twisted bark: to me this is just an awe-inspiring combination. Awe of anything makes me happy.

Sorry everyone, this is all I have time for now, but check back at least once a week for further joy!