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proving spring.

 photo IMG_015_zps346bc09e.jpg  photo IMG_008_zpsd7fae5e6.jpg  photo IMG_006_zps58c5a246.jpg  photo img_012_zps03e8e419.jpg  photo IMG_005_zpsd00b44df.jpg  photo IMG_014_zps46165f0c.jpg  photo IMG_007_zps4fd6e453.jpg  photo IMG_011_zps7f95b0f9.jpg  photo 004a_zpsfeaf858d.jpg it's almost as if
the spring wants to prove to the world that it's really here,
despite the still cool air and the hail that fell today. 
april always has to grapple with march to assert her place of dominance, and she does it well, by coaxing firecracker blossoms from the previously bare trees, decorating the branches.

white, blue, pale young green, deep hued magenta 

april eagerly takes new paint colors from the palette of seasons and recklessly spatters it over the ground, the trees, the bushes. 
and I, for one, am glad of it.