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just lately

 photo img_034_zps22eb3cde.jpg  photo img_001_zps248383c1.jpg  photo img_006_zps2846e8a4.jpg  photo IMG_5420a_zps935c2053.jpg  photo img_038_zpsf023ea85.jpg  photo IMG_5502a_zps79fb2bbc.jpg  photo 016a_zpsd936ce42.jpg  photo IMG_001-1_zpsd6c1f11d.jpg  photo 032a_zps6f7fc51f.jpg + the days are incrementally warmer. and that's showing in the way iris shoots are pushing at the dirt, eager to be free from their winter prison.

yesterday, I went for a bike ride to discover the hidden spots around this new town.
there's a pond by an ancient abandoned house, and a tree trunk that juts over the edge, perfect for sitting on and eating cheez-its. (that's what I did.)

my latest obsession has been bringing the outdoors inside, like in the form of the evergreen mobile I tied together, now hanging from the fan in my room. it's perfect. (first picture.)

I've been reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. My english assignment coincided perfectly with the arrival of "great gatsby themed" things online. (in preparation, I think for the identically titled movie about to be released.)

My 52 self portrait project has been moving along grandly. Each week, experimenting with new concepts and editing ideas has been fascinating.

One more thing: I've been listening to and loving this. 

and that is a little on my lately.

so much love!