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the peace of wild things

It feels good to blog again.
This is only my second post of December, but honestly, I'm fine with that fact. I've been blogging less and less because I've been living more and more.  Living with passion has been a huge focus of mine this year, and if doing that means not as much blogging and more investing in people, then I can flow with that.
I don't want to complete fall of the face of the blogging earth, for all you my lovely followers, so here's a little something for you to peruse. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketThe transition of the earth from bare to snowy is a wondrous thing, and the blizzard of the last couple of days has done just that, announcing that winter is unflinchingly here to stay. Lingering on the silhouettes of naked branches, slipping silently to the earth, and turning to slush on the city sidewalks, the snow is quiet and unassuming.  Yet there is strength in numbers, and billions of tiny white stars conspire to slow down the city, making hearth and home more attractive as compared with daring to venture into the raw, biting wind.
People stay home in the forced winter solitude and watch the snowflakes fall; some complain, others marvel.

Sit and be still. Revel in the peace of wild things. See the severe beauty of the stark, cold light, and remember that this is what winter is for.