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ha. ha. HA. (awkward & awesome.)

I've always wanted to participate in Awkward and Awesome Thursday. I never tried because I didn't think many awkward things happened to me. Apparently I was wrong, because when I looked back through the week and tried to think of, um, awkward things, my brain was flooded with images of awkward events. (Yes, I do realize I used the word "awkward" several times in the last paragraph. That's awkward too. HA.)

-a container of mauve-colored eyeshadow randomly deciding to explode inside my bag, whose contents included several notebooks. The edges of that paper may or may not be stained for eternity.
-hugging the space heater
-the fact that all remnants of a summer tan have now completely disappeared.
-the alarmed glances I receive from librarians when I check out (multiple) books about birth. (I'm studying to possibly become a midwife ;)
-becoming inexplicably tongue tied when I'm trying to introduce myself. Also, because I'm homeschooled, I always have to think about what grade I'm in when people ask. Ha.
-pretending to use my calculator like a blackberry.
-watching ancient videos of me as a baby. Especially the one where I, wearing nothing but a diaper, attempt to sit on a stool and miss it by a couple feet.
-the fact that I'm actually doing A & A Thursday
-A gorgeous red bucket hat from Target for $5. (Originally $17!!!)
-Target in general
- walking out of the library with towering stacks of books
-reading, especially when its by James Herriot
-this video, which isn't entirely true, but is nonetheless hilarious.
-seeing a random dude at the cross walk who must be the clone of David Tennant (from Doctor Who)
-falling for the happy, sappy Valentine's Day spirit hook, line, and sinker with no qualms whatsoever ♥♥♥
-golden hour photoshoots
-watching the Superbowl with friends while cradling huge bowls of thebestchiliever on our laps. (Come on! I told you to make that pass! whoaaa....FUMBLE!! FUMBLE!! Guys, did you SEE that???) Oh yeah :)