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loving lately

Even thought I'm NOT enjoying the cold, I can't help but love the intricate designs created by a frosty morning. Getting up early to photograph is worth it.

>> That's right, I "splurged" on an Essie nail polish--I just couldn't find the perfect turquoise from any other brand. And for me, being a Wet n' Wild, $1 nail polish kind of girl, spending $8 on my fingers is an extravagance :).
please, ignore my awkward sort-of smile.
>> Amazingly warm scarfs. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of "modeling" yet, but some recently acquired thick scarfs keep me warm during the process. ($5 each, Forever 21.) Photographs by Lia.

>> moccasins! I finally bought a pair, and so far they are extremely comfortable! (the houndstooth design is an added bonus! love it ♥)

 >> Lightplay at Handel's Messiah. The 2-hour production can get long, but if one has a camera, they surely won't be bored! I had a lot of fun zooming into random singers' faces and snapping strange facial expressions. Oh, and purposely shaking my camera to get insanely cool light photographs.

S'Meaches from Claire Thomas on Vimeo.
>> S'Meaches. Pretty please, can summer please hurry up and come so I can make these? They look absolutely scrumptious.