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6:37  Early this morning, a familiar beep roused me from sleep. Fluttering open, my eyelids quickly close again as I happily realize that the alarm wasn't intended for me. In the no school break of summer, I may get up early on a Saturday morning to make the most of the day, as my younger sister is doing today. But for now, I for one am content to dream for a few more hours. The extra weekend sleep comes as a welcome respite from the rigor of the week day schedule.
9:21 Awakened by some morning noise, I lie quietly under the warm blankets, listening sleepily to the creaking and talking floating above me, upstairs. Now that I have enjoyed a couple more hours of sleep, I'm not attempting to snooze again. Although it's still dark in our room because of the shaded window, I think back over the past events of yesterday and the previous week—how I was inspired, I what way I was a blessing to others, and the things I accomplished (or didn't).
After feverishly working all week, I finally finished some school projects I've been working on for herbology and geography, and turned them in yesterday. Now I'm biting my nails in anticipation of knowing what grade I'll receive!
Wednesday was probably my favorite day this week, as I went over help a mom I know. With three boisterous kiddos, another little one on the way, a sick hubby, and Christmas preparations for two gatherings she's hosting, I figured she could use some help! If you know me, you know I love children and I love organizing, so it was heaven for me as we cleaned their entire second floor. I suppose it was technically “work”, but not for me it wasn't! I loved every minute of it, and I'm delighted that I could be a blessing to their family.
that's them. aren't they adorable? (taken by their mom.)

As for inspiration, well, there are some lovely people and websites on the internet that never cease to bring me so many beautiful ideas, I can hardly contain them all. This blog and this post provided me with inspiration galore, as did this photograph.
After all that week reviewing, it's time to sit up, rub the sleep from my eyes, pull on a cozy sweater, and write this little anecdote to the beginning of a lovely Saturday morning.
Happy Saturday, dear friends! xo