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time for tea (and a winner!)

In our crazy-busy American lives, we hardly have time to wash the dishes, let alone sit in silence, with a cup of tea and a Bible. But actually, I've found this quiet combination to be an excellent, refreshing, and inspiring start to my day.

Ingredients for a peaceful beginning of the day:
-one cup Orange & Spice tea
-one Bible
-a pen for marking
-ipod, with pandora station set to Tenth Avenue North
-a cozy quilt
-a sleeping dog nearby to keep you warm
Recently, I saw a lovely photograph of a forest--actually, a forest's reflection. In a teacup. Beautiful idea, no? I thought so, and I really like the unique perspective of the next few pictures.

Spending quiet time with Jesus faithfully every morning helps me enjoy more fully other small encounters of the  day. I realized the beauty of crackle-y fallen oak leaves glowing in the afternoon light, like a hundred panes of stained glass. I laughed at the funny scene of a small black and white dog, a.k.a. Bonnie, barking and jumping at the leaves, as they were raked into a pile.

please excuse the poor picture quality :P
What's your favorite way to start the day?

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway from Willows and Whispers!
The winner is #12, Nina!