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weekend musings

Well hello there!
   I miss New England. I belong there, and it will always be home, even if I go live on the other side of the country sometime, I will always come back to the northeast. The rocky, rugged coastline, even though it is rough and gritty compared to endless stretches of white Caribbean sand, always seems more real and lifelike. Not perfect, just like life. When will I get to go home again?
    Lofty, turbulent waves crashing onto vertical rock walls beside the Newport cliff-walk; vibrantly red, yellow, and orange tree-lined paths by the Ashuelot River in New Hampshire; mornings shivering under a crystal dust of frost, transforming boring grass into a photographer's dream. This is what I miss.

       Here in the south, I'm still hot wearing a short-sleeve shirt, the trees are still mockingly, rebelliously green, and there are way too many mushrooms. No, I'm serious--there is an absurd profusion of these fungi EVERYWHERE--up north we see the occasional toadstool after a rain, but here, it's like the earth think it's life depends on producing fungi and mushrooms. Not that that's exactly bad,'s not home.

     But at least the sky looks as it is meant to in October--deep, azure blue, uncontested by any other sky.

 Why do bloggers think it's necessary to test my human identity by inflicting me with ridiculous CAPTCHA in order to post a comment? People, you can change your settings so you verify comments before they get published, or you can let every comment through and edit them. Half the time I can't even figure out what the letters are supposed to be--numbers look like letters, and vice versa. (Well, not on blogger, but other sites.)

and because you haven't seen a picture of me in a while....

Which do you like better? I loved the sepia, but it didn't show the blue of my eyes, so I posted both.
Also, the other day I went trail-riding, and my little sister took a lovely picture of me! It wasn't quite this silhouetted, but I drastically upped the shadows in Picasa, and I like the effect.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!