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burlap xo

Today's interior design idea: good, ole' fashioned burlap. As I was going through these incredibly inspiring designs, my mind was swirling with DIY possibilities! Take a look for yourself.
Oh, Yes.
Burlap covered table--I love how the burlap blends in seamlessly with the rest of the vintage-ness.

A lot of the burlap ideas seem to be intended for weddings, but also applicable to the home. I'd use these for both!

Unique Burlap Cameo Wedding Invitations
Please excuse me while I go get myself engaged so that I can hurry up and use these as wedding invitation covers!!! Burlap + cameo = amazingness. {via} (oh, be sure to watch the ridiculously cute video at the bottom of the post! :))
Hemp and Burlap Wrapped Candle Holder: Rustic Chic Warmth & Charm
Burlap-ish candle holder cover.

I would LOVE to get this present.
If you're planning a wedding anytime soon, use this. If not, go pick some flowers and put this on your  kitchen table. (P.S. Did you notice the limes? great idea.)
Burlap wreath with burlap rosettes. Here's a tutorial on how to do similar flowers.
Burlap flower pillow cover
Burlap covered pillow? Yes. please.
Okay, these aren't excactly interior design, but they seriously could be. xo

Brown Burlap CD Pouches (Set of 5) You choose band color
Umm, this is a cd cover. this has the mark of awesomespice.
Burlap table runner. Totally on my want list.
If you'd like to try your hand DIY-ing any of these projects, I found a great burlap-fabric resource here, with two other colors here and here.

What texture is inspiring you this week?