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In like a lion...??

They say March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb, but in the southern states, it comes in like a lamb, and leaves like a butterfly! It's beautiful here. The world around here is filled to overflowing with flowers and picture opportunities, so I'll share some here with you.

You may have noticed that I'm experimenting with different watermarks--I know, people usually find one design and stick to it, but is "usually" a good reason? Since, I'm not really a professional in that I don't sell my pictures (yet!!), I don't have to stick to one, do I? I think it actually works pretty well to change the watermark design/font based on the mood of the picture.

New life is sprouting everywhere!

A bunch of tiny daisy flowers laid down as if by little hands on a garden brick make a perfect
photo representing innocence and dreams...:)

Yep, these are onions. I pulled up a bunch of them from the ground. Vintage is better right? Well here are some....Vintage onions!

It's hard for me to believe that this is just a simple weed growing "peskily" in the grass. It's like dandelions--why in the world do people think they're a weed? No! They're beautiful, decorating a lawn like dainty gold buttons on a velvet vest.
Well, there you are! the life in spring is simple yet gorgeous, classic but still intricate. I think that spring is definitely my favorite season. Hope this post portrays a little of my spring-y joy that I'm feeling. The world is waking up after a long sleep!