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Etsy Inspiration

What's not to love about Etsy! Here are some of my recent inspirations from that delectable site.

I don't know why, but this is awe-sommm...I would love to do a photoshoot with it. (No link--It's been sold out. Sorry.)

Shoe clips.. what a great idea! I want 10 different kinds so I can instantly revamp any shoe.

Again, awesome. (Sorry, I couldn't find a link for these. I just saved the picture off Etsy a long time ago.)

Whoever thought of this was ingenious! Reclaimed stiletto planter...hmmm

I'm going to make my own scrabble pillows...someday.

We go together like milk and cookies!

Bird belt!

I don't know why, but I WANT THESE!!! They look so smooth and curvy and touchable. Humph.

Ok, if I every have a baby, I'm getting this hat.

An exquisitely cute owl-pocketwatch-necklace-thingy.

All you really need is love... ( I'm sorry--I use far to many "..."s)
This is soap. Seriously.
Can I have $400 for a vintage blue typewriter please?

Save the best for last... Barberry and Lace is a delicious store on Etsy with so many wonderful necklaces with the most random items in the world, that I had to make a collage of it. I especially like the umbrella necklace in the middle.
Well, hope you all survive the work/school week! (I know, I'm so optimistic.)