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facepaint (photoshoot with Lia)

I LOVE makeup--pretty much everything about it: applying it, experimenting with mixes, photographing it, and just the expression of style it allows! (Just not washing it off- ughh.) I did a makeup photoshoot with Lia the other day, trying to imitate the type of exaggerated makeup that dancers/stars have to use. (Definitely not the kind you would go anywhere in!!)

To get this effect, I drastically upped the contrast, slightly lowered the exposure, slightly increased the temperature, and lowered the saturation so it wouldn't look blown out. I kind of like it.

Whoa!!! Green-eyed girl! Her eyes are actually blue like mine, but that green just complemented the rest of the look. I'm going to try to redo this pic with other eye colors. (I really love the lid-look in this one.)

Thanks to Merle Norman for the lipstick!

I'm not kidding, those lashes are real!

In this pic, the makeup isn't the main focus, and I like that. The sun on her face really makes her lashes glow: coolness.