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sans titre

stress marks. so many stars, and still we starve.

this is when you feel your body caving in, your lungs collapsing under the weight of your heart, no longer pinned to your sleeve. it's placed back firmly in your chest cavity where it belongs. all i hope is that you know much it killed me to do this, but don't you realize it was only euthanasia? you had to be put out of what would be your misery, and leaving was the most swift, least painless way to do that. last night i tore down my wrinkled paper maps from the wall, moved my bookcase, and washed my sheets. i wanted to start over, and since life doesn't comply as often as i wish, i guess i only wanted a physical catharsis to reflect the desired one. today new pictures replaced the old ones, and i put the pillow cases back on. please don't wake me, i plan on sleeping for a long while. 
(a short story-ish)