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these days

my life is so full right now. not even necessarily in a good way, the emotions i've experienced in the last couple of weeks have run the entire gamut from breathtakingly happy to despairingly sad and everything in between. i don't even know how to answer the age old question "how are you doing?' anymore. nothing is sufficient to describe where i'm at. the hardest part is, i don't even know myself these days.

i - v: portraits with heather, who really should be a model.
vi - xiv: exploring vermont with the best person i know. #platoniclifepartners4ever
xvi - xix: belated birthday adventures in portland, maine. (goodwill outlet, anyone? meeting strangers in cafes and talking for half an hour about photography over iced hot chocolate? YUS PLEASE.)
xx - xxiii: i have the most talented friends. it's ridiculous, really.
xxiv - xxv: iced basil lemonade + painted skies. best combination.