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on my unexplained absence.

five//fifty two.
hello, again.
it's been a while.

I suppose I've been on an unannounced hiatus—and I needed it. So much has happened this year, and it's only February! I really didn't have the time or mental energy to invest here for a while, so a break was in order. I've always found it difficult to find a balance between writing about things that are real, and not wanting to share every little detail about my own private life on such a public forum as this. I struggle with the intrinsic desire to be honest and the need to focus on the bright facets of life. That's one of the reasons I haven't written--because life has been very full as of late, and I don't know if I want to write about that on here. As of right now, I'm still not sure yet if I'm going to share on this blog my blunt, rough-hewn, and intensely personal story. (Because oh, do I have one.) But there are a few things I can tell you.

First of all, I moved! Two Saturdays ago we piled everything we owned into a truck and moved it all into the place I'll be calling home for the next little while. Looking back, that day was wonderful. I am incredibly excited to be starting over in a place of our own, and to have a room to make mine. I have a notebook and mind full to bursting with ideas that I can't wait to bring into reality. A couple of friends and I are planning a day-trip to Ikea in the near future to look around and pick up a few necessities or extravagances for me. (eager much?) As the process unfolds, I'll be posting pictures. I can't wait to explore this house, camera in hand, discovering dusty hidden corners where the light falls in the afternoon. 

At the moment, things are hard but good, and flying quickly towards better. Although I took a brief pause in blogging, I'm back again alive and well, and hope that I'll be here a little often-er.