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Flickering warmly, the orange glow of the fireplace warms the living room where my family is relaxing. Dad is playing ancient music from the 60's and 70's, and I sing along with all my heart, happily unaware that as a modern teenager in 2012, I'm not supposed to know these songs. My younger sister, Lia, has flopped down onto the leather sofa, and is animatedly discussing our plans for the morrow with Mom and me. Meanwhile, Mom is helping me hand sew buttons onto a coat, and my inexperienced fingers feel clumsy against the rough woolen fabric and satin-y lining. I muse about the vast knowledge of sewing that a teen from a century ago would have possessed, in comparison to my meager skills.
I am incredibly thankful for my family, despite our many flaws. I'm thankful that we're together, that Mom and Dad are in harmony, rather than separated as many parents are. I'm thankful that we can spend be together, cozy inside around the fire, on this snowy winter evening.


p.s. Please excuse the poor quality of the first picture. My camera takes legitimately awful pictures at night.