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october days

>>Like turquoise beads slipping off a string, the autumn days pass by all too quickly. At the last full week of October, it seems impossible that the month is nearly gone! Scarves are here to stay, the chilly air justifies cardigans and wool tights, and I had to wear slippers for the first time today.
>>I am so thankful for the rotation of season, that I always have next year to eagerly anticipate, and when each season ends, I know that it will come again in 365 days. But even though I've lived through each one many times, the childish thrill at the first snow, the first crocus, the first swim, and the first vibrant fall tree never leaves.
>>Although it's hard to believe that my beloved October is nearly over, I look forward to the first glittering, almost transparent frost, and the pure white snow that will soon transform a drab, brown, skeletal world into a sparkling enchanted wonderland. I remember the past days of this month with a smile, knowing that I did my best to live them to their fullest extent, savoring their autumn charm slowly, like a beautiful word caressed by a writer's pen.
things I kinda-sort-really-liked about this October
slippers and warm boots --by the end of summer, I am always hoping for the first day cool enough to indulge in sheepskin boots and fuzzy slippers. While I have been wearing my boots for a few weeks now, today was the first cold-enough-inside-day to wear slippers.

drinking liquid bliss (a.k.a. tea) --There is nothing like sipping a steaming cup of hot tea on a cold day, while snuggled under blankets reading a good book. Nothing.

scarves--I miss them all summer long. And because they can be rather expensive, I decided to tackle a DIY project. I bought some cotton jersey fabric and lace fabric, and made my own. The jersey fabric didn't require any further sewing, except to trim their edges to be perfectly straight. (which I did with a quilt cutter.) I made the lace scarf roughly following this tutorial. It worked beeyewtifully. (the pictures of me with the scarves are taken by my sister Lia.--sorry I only have pictures of the red scarf and the lace one.)

slumbering dogs--there is hardly anything cuter than to see three dogs, 2 big and one tiny, snoozing on the couch. Jack turns over on his back , spreading his four paws in the air. When he dreams, his nose snuffles the air, and his paws paddle the air like they're running. I'd love to know what he dreams about. Jasper and Bonnie both curl up into as small a ball as they can manage, and wedge themselves into the corners of the sofa. Beyond adorable. 

sisterly photoshoots--My little sister Lia and I love to have them, and we did a really fun one earlier this month. All pictures of her were taken by me, and pictures of me were taken by her :)

leaves and colors--quite self explanatory, I should think.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend dear readers!