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Hello May!

Hello May!
This is an update for everyone before I disappear for a week or so to work on the blog;
kk—y’all are to still go to this same URL ( to access the blog. After all the remodeling is complete, I will post the new web address to redirect you to. I’m not sure exactly  what will happen when I change the URL—maybe it would redirect you to the new one if you entered the wrong address? I don’t know/I’m not taking any chances, so I’ll just give you the new address
                I have a complete template makeover I WANT to do, but won’t have enough time for, so the major changes will be the new name, extended content, and updated features. The template will look about the same is it does now, except for the different header.  Eventually, after I get the information (and time!) needed to do a whole template makeover, I will do that, but for the moment, I’ll still be using the same template. (I think :)
      So get ready!