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A Change in Plans

What have I gotten myself into?
Okay. Forget everything I said about name-change/blog design change, etc. At least, forget it until sometime this summer. When I first decided to do this, I thought this would be a quick easy change: I'd find a name in a week or so (NOT!!!!), make a new header, switch out all the "deceptive cadence photography"s to the new name, and i would have a nice, happy new blog. And I will.
yes. I will. But I didn't realize--THIS IS A SUMMER PROJECT!!!
As in, not a couple week project. In addition to needing more time to figure everything out, our family has been doing a lot of traveling, so I've been really stressed and busy over the last month or so. 
Please be so kind as to forget for a little while, as I go on posting like I had been, just a bit less frequently. :)
xo ~Simi