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saturday to-do list

Who doesn't want to make the most of the precious weekend? Especially heavy-laden, stressed, schooled-out girls??? (insert- me.) I generally write up an "idea list" on Friday, outlining my goals for Saturday, plus ideas of things I need/want to do so that I get as much as possible out of my day.
        Today's forecast is thunder, rain, and possibly hail, so I guess I won't be able to do much outside until it clears up in the afternoon. But here are some ideas from my list:
.....Umm, have breakfast. (duh) I write such stupid things on my lists...of course I'm going to have breakfast! But this also gives me an excuse to post another picture.

      .Choose a new header for my blog!!!!! (urgent. :) The current one is fine, but it doesn't exactly fit the spring-y mood of the season (and me.) You can help me choose! Just comment as to which header you like best of the following. (I don't expect y'all'll pick the next one, its there mainly cuz its cute. :)

...Go riding/take care of horses....I'm soooo thankful to be able to ride pretty much whenever I want---a HUGE upside to our temporary situation. If it clears up I hope to get some (fun) exercise in :) (taken by my sister. on sewing....yep, I'm (attempting to) sew a dress with the help of mom.

I have some darling fabric that i'm using :
...bead a bracelet/necklace for Bianca...I make most of my own jewelry, and my little Hispanic friend, Bianca, always loooves playing with my necklace(s) at church, so I'll make a set for her.
They'll prob'ly look something like this:

Bianca! She's gorgeous. :))))))))))))))))))))))) (sorry.)
Well, i did have many other things on my list today, but those are the interesting ones, and my time is (way) up. Hope everyone has a great weekend!