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A Place in This World

I'm alone, on my own, and that's all I know
I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on
I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world
~Taylor Swift {A Place in This World}


I've gone from the bottom up, on my own, from gazing longingly at beautiful, vibrant photographs, to purchasing my first camera, a point-and-shoot (I still have a little moolah to make before I get to step up a rung to a D-slr.) From knowing zero about html/templates/blogging and the like, to finally starting my very own (yes!) photography blog. And at the moment, I'm "trying to find a place in this world." Right now is the time for me to consider any drastic changes before everything I'm doing at the moment morphs into a business, a (hopefully) hundreds-of-followers blog, and maybe even a career.
        I'm talking about questions like, do I want to keep my original name "deceptive cadence photography" to use for the rest of my life? (By the way, a cadence is a musical term referring to a chord configuration that "creates a sense of repose or finality". A deceptive cadence is a type of "suprise" cadence, before the true ending cadence.) I thought of the name while randomly searching my brain for ideas, and I liked the sound of it. But it truly doesn't mean anything, so I'm thinking of ideas. I have a beautiful name(in my opinion, and pretty much everyone I meet), so how about Simplicity Grace Photography? (To me, simplicity grace photography (with no capital letters) = <3)
        Of course, everything bearing "Deceptive Cadence" as a name will have to be changed, (like Flickr, etc.) but that won't be too hard. Another change I'm considering making is to simply have my photography featured on and as part of my blog, rather than having a photography blog. (If that made any sense.) :P I mean doing something like olivia, at Horsefeathers. Her photography (Olivia Collins Photography) is featured on her blog, Horsefeathers. Doing something like this would allow me to encompass a lot more on my blog, especially un-photography related writing. That would mean I would need to think of another name--quirky, whimsical, and awesome. (Aside: Don't you just love the word "whimsical"? I do. Very much. It conjures up images of polka-dots, curlicues, and all manner of reminiscent designs. :)))) *sighs*)
Anyways, I'm going through these changes now, before I really get started (come on! 9 followers? I can do better...I think.) A little feedback would be nice, but all these ramblings are really just supposed to give you a heads up before you come here one day, and you're like, "Whoa!!! I put in the right web address, didn't I?"
              Which reminds me, I'll have to change the URL too....